All Heal Salve
All Heal Salve
All Heal Salve
All Heal Salve
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All Heal Salve

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42 g (1.5 oz)

Hardcore ointment. Natural protection from the wear & tear of the elements. Soothes, smooths, & revitalizes irritated skin. For cuts & scrapes, cracked heels, even doggie paws. Great for gardeners, campers, rugby players & other outdoor warriors.



olea europaea (olive oil), symphytum officinale (comfrey) leaf, articum lapa (burdock) root, stellaria media (chickweed) oil, plantago major (plantain) leaf, matricaria chamomilla (chamomile) flower, cera alba (beeswax), tocopherol (vitamin) e, melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) and lavandula officinalis (lavender) essential oils


Chickweed Herb: antipruritic, helps stop itching; anti-inflammatory

Comfrey: powerful vulnerary (healing); demulcent; soothing to irritated skin; astringent; wound healing, speeds healing due to constituent of allantoin

Lavender Essential Oil: calming, anti-septic, healing, helps to induce sleep, natural insect repelling properties, safe for babies

Olive Oil: moisturizing; healing; relieves very dry skin; gentle, soothing to sensitive skin - especially new born skin; high in vitamins A & E

Plantain Leaf: anti-inflammatory; anti-itch; healing; anti-microbial; soothing to skin irritations

Tea Tree Essential Oil: anti-septic; healing to wounds, acne, diaper rash and skin infections; anti-inflammatory,helpful for burns and insect bites


Health Canada has cautioned the use of Comfrey, what are their concerns.

Health Canada has placed a warning on the use of Comfrey of the Russian and Prickly Comfrey variety. These contain a contituent called echimidine, which has been known to cause liver damage when taken internally in large doses.
Matter Company does not use these varieties of Comfrey; instead we use symphytum officinalis, or common Comfrey that has not been cautioned against by Health Canada.

Is Comfrey Safe for use on my skin?

Yes. It is one of the main ingredients used in herbal medicine for helping to repair broken skin. This is due to the presence of allantoin, a chemical constituent that has cell proliferating properties to help heal wounds very quickly.


Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
David Frazier
All Heal Salve for All!

This is my go to lotion. My family makes fun of me for carrying it everywhere and using it on any skin that needs care. I find it to be gentle and soothing and healing. I am never without some nearby. Thanks for making these amazing products!

I have used All Heal Salve for over 20 years

All Heal Salve is one of my favourite products - I use it everywhere and wish it came in bigger packaging!

It really works

Bought at a pop-up market in Ottawa and I have a patch of very dry skin on my hand. She saw it and asked if she could try something and within 10 minutes it was almost completely gone. I bought some and it is by far the best product I have used for my dry patch. Thank you :)

Joan Wierzbicki

It is my #1 for soothing cuts, nails and cracked heels. Wonderful product!


Incredibly moisturizing and healing balm. It’s with me at all times.