What Matters Most

The Ingredients Are The Product

Many of the products have personal stories behind them as they were inspired by the needs of close friends and family. “It all starts with herbalism, and also what we personally needed in our lives,” says Williams of the solutions-oriented approach to her products, which incorporate a host of powerful herb extracts, such as comfrey, juniper and calendula, to name just a few. The Substance: Mom & Baby line, for example, was created for Williams’s best friend, who was pregnant at the time and wanted products that were safe to use on herself and her new baby. Meanwhile, the Matter: Outdoors line-up of rubs, soaps and salves, was inspired by Williams herself, who is a big lover of the outdoors and camping. Matter: Blush and Facial Care ranges feature luxurious, rejuvenating skincare blends, infused with exotic oils, antioxidants and emollients, to soothe, hydrate and repair skin on the face and body.

How We Make Things Matter

Matter skincare formulas are cooked in small batches for 24 hours to extract the herbs’ beneficial properties at Williams’s studio in Toronto’s West end. “It’s the traditional method of extracting and they’re made in small batches,” says Williams. “With herbs, you’re using the whole plant, so you have the benefits of the whole plant and all of the different vitamins and minerals.” But it’s not just about the external benefits of the range, says Williams, but also about taking time out of your day to do something nice for yourself, which in itself is therapeutic. “It’s about those small rituals throughout the day, like making a cup of tea. It’s good for you and you’re taking the time to make that tea,” she says. “With Matter, it’s both an internal and external experience – the products feel luxurious on the skin, but they also do something, and they’re healthy for you. Skincare is a medium to introduce a holistic lifestyle in a ritualistic way.”