Common Name: Chickweed

Latin Name: Stellaria media

A common weed found in our garden beds, chickweed can be found worldwide almost anywhere there is moist cultivated soil. Not to be discouraged in your garden bed, its shallow roots provide living mulch for other garden plants. As herbal medicine chickweed is a favourite for skin problems. Internally chickweed is valued as a nutritive, as well, has been used in weight reducing formulas due to its diuretic action and its ability to stimulate metabolism.

Parts Used: Aerial parts

Constituents: Saponins

Actions: Anti-rheumatic, vulnerary, emollient, demulcent, anti-pruritic

Medicinal Uses: Chickweed is most commonly used as an external remedy for cuts, wounds and especially for itching and irritation. It is especially good for conditions of eczema and psoriasis when itching is part of the problem. Use chickweed for eye irritations as a soothing poultice or pack. A common weed not to be dismissed or pulled from the garden bed, it is highly nutritive and can be added to salads or smoothies. Combined with plantain, it makes a very soothing ointment.

Used In: All Heal Salve