What To Pack: Unexpected Items for Your Hospital Bag!

Birth plans can often change. In preparation for your upcoming birth, you might make the most extensive plan of how you'd like it to go - however, as many mamas know, sometimes things change in the moment. Here are a few things we have learned to help you think about what to include in your packing checklist for the hospital to make this transformative time a little easier.

What To Pack For Birth:


1.Lip Balm:

Hospital air can be extra dry - not to mention all the extra effort that is happening with your body. Having our lip balm is relieving when you need it. C-section moms will appreciate it after having to wear an oxygen mask.

2. Moisturizer:

If you already have Belly Jelly (high in Vitamin E) around this can also be a great balm for moisturizing hands feet and body. When baby arrives it is safe on newborns too for dry patches and redness. Lavender has been traditionally used in birthing rooms for labour massage. It is both grounding and a welcoming scent for a newborn baby, especially in sterile hospital environments.

3. Massage Cream:

Leg & Back Creme is a dual purpose moisturizer/ massage cream. This active cream will help with leg cramps and lower back pain. Its stimulating and cooling formula will help during intense moments of contractions.

4. Snacks from home:

Hospital food can often be less than delicious or nutritious. Bring your favourite snacks help fuel you through the labouring experience.


5. Post Delivery Care Kit:

Often we are so focused on the birthing experience that we forget to think about what we need after the baby is born. Whether you have a vaginal birth or a c-section having these items on hand will keep you amply prepared.

Nipple Cream found in this set can be used for helping with c-section recovery or on the perineum to prevent tearing.

6. New Born Baby Kit:

Filled with items for baby that you trust, starting them off right especially on their brand new skin. These items were curated based on my bestie who was stuck in the hospital after a c-section birth and there was nothing in the hospital gift shop that she wanted to use on her baby.


7. Your favourite cozy pyjamas and slippers + extra pillow:

Anything that helps you feel cozy will make this whirlwind of an experience a little easier. Also in this new world of IG why not look like birth was a breeze in the most comfortable and stylish This is J Bamboo Jammers.

8. Lacross or tennis ball for massage:

Pair with our Leg and Back Creme to ease tired muscles/joints.