Now that summer is in the rearview mirror, many of us are settling back into our normal routines. We’re packing away our swimsuits and beach towels and getting back to making school lunches and rush hour traffic. As we leave the lazy days of summer behind us, it’s a good idea to take stock in our habits and mindset and prep ourselves for everything that lies ahead. It might seem counterintuitive to try slowing down when everything seems at its busiest, but there’s no better time than the present.

Here’s What I’m Going to Try Putting Into Practice This Fall:

Giving Myself a Time-out 

Self-care has become synonymous with mani-pedis and pricey visits to the spa. While there’s nothing wrong with pampering yourself, I know that consistent and sustainable habits will have a more significant impact on my well-being than one-off treats ever could. I’m learning to listen to myself and what my body is telling me. For you, perhaps an exercise routine would help get your heart rate up and those endorphins pumping. Maybe you need to turn in a bit earlier every night, to get that extra hour of sleep your body needs. Or it could be as simple as a cup of tea at the end of the day, and stepping up your personal care routine as a little gift to yourself.    

Doing a Deep Dive

As a herbalist, my learning is never complete. Even with the in-depth training I’ve received over the years, there’s always something—a new development, additional research—that gives me insight and a better understanding of how everything fits together. So even though most of us aren’t back to school this fall, it’s still a great time to look into learning something new. The world is a big place, and most of us are curious about something. Nurture your curiosity and go down that rabbit hole. Borrow that book or sign up for those lessons. Download a podcast or audiobook for the commute (perfect for the very time-strapped). Investigate your interests and see where they lead you. You might discover a new passion.

Reconnecting With Others

We all have someone we mean to get in touch with again. Whether it’s an old friend or a close cousin, sending texts in a group chat or shooting over a funny meme once in a while doesn’t help maintain a relationship. So I’m really looking forward to having some of my favourite people over for a meal to catch up (nothing brings people together quite like food). As busy adults, arranging a meetup can feel like a mini chess match, but I’ve found that investing my energy in people I care about is always time well spent. My goal is to make these meetups a more regular thing.  

Enjoying the Process 

We often spend so much time looking ahead that we forget to look around. Modern living seems to demand that we turn our days into to-do lists that take us out of being present in the moment. As a business owner, there are days where I’m just rushing from one task to the next, barely stopping to catch my breath. If you’re like me and constantly rushing to get to your destination (literally or figuratively), work on mindfully slowing down. Take the long way. Walk instead of driving. Skip the shortcuts and cook a dish from scratch. As for me, I’m going to reflect on what I’ve achieved and how far I’ve come, rather than dwelling on missteps I’ve made. Too often, we forget to enjoy our triumphs before moving on to our next goal. While summer will always be my favourite, I’m looking forward to making the best of the cooler temperatures and cozy vibes of autumn.

Let us know what you have planned this fall!