Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and what better time than now to talk about promoting self-love as a daily practice! Whether you’re single or committed, many of us fall into a high stress, daily routine which can leave us feeling like we’re stuck on an infinite loop.

Clearing the inbox, meeting deadlines, meal prepping, taking care of others and checking countless tasks off our to-do list. All this non-stop “doing” can cause us to feel overwhelmed and burnt out, so it is to no surprise that our very own self-care takes a back seat.

Perhaps we’re all taking on more than we can handle and ignoring the emotional impact of those consequences, but whatever your reason, we’ve come up with some simple tips to incorporate taking care of numero uno as a daily practice.

Tip 1: Take An Extra 10 Minutes

Carve out a little bit of solitude by staying under the shower head a for an extra 10 minutes to melt away tension and daily stresses. Try to calm your wandering mind, by focusing on the present and letting go of negative thoughts.

Our Body Wash/Shampoo is the perfect additive with its bold scent of cedar, pine and bergamot to leave you feeling at ease and immersed in the solitude of a boreal forest.

Tip 2: Take a Bath

After a long day provide a small window for yourself to unwind before bed by soaking in the bath. A perfect opportunity for quiet contemplation, to reflect on the day while creating some alone time.

Add some extra nutrients by using our Mineral Soak bath salts. A blend of epsom and sea salt will help relax tired muscles with carrot oil to provide nutritive and moisturizing beta carotene to your skin.

Tip 3: Make a Cup of Herbal Tea

Making an infusion of herbal tea is an automatic way to press pause and is a great break from our typical caffeine addiction mornings. Curl up with a good book, smell, sip and repeat.

Our Tummy Ease Tea can be enjoyed by the whole family. Calming chamomile and lemon balm offer that extra ounce of feeling at ease.

Tip 4: Make Daily Rituals Special

Our skin is our largest organ, so treat it kindly with clean, non-toxic skin care.  This care and attention offers a little luxe to our daily cleansing rituals.

For a fun, special treat do a mini facial with our Clarifying Clay Mask to nourish and boost your complexion.

Tip 5: Breathe Deep

Breathing deeply is a well known technique to help quell feelings of anxiety and stress. All it takes if a few minutes of focused, slow breathing to tame your racing heart.

Take it a step further with sedative effects of aromatherapy from our wellness blend, Pep Rally, with grounding notes of lavender and sandalwood and uplifting bergamot and petitgrain.