Meet Our Community: Kate Warren


Kate Warren Mom | Photographer | Sleep Coach

Song on repeat:

Somebody Sometimes by Fitz and the Tantrums (Nora calls this the Zuma song from the Paw Patrol Movie)

What are you reading right now?

How do I stay grounded?

Self-prioritizing and doing something for myself everyday.

What is your bedtime ritual with Nora?

Our bedtime ritual is approx. 25 minutes long, depending on the day it may be longer than that. We usually have an epic dance party to get any extra zoomies out from the day. We often brush our teeth and start to wind down by dimming the lights and eo diffuser, our favorite right now is roman chamomile. We read a few books and stay with Nora until she falls asleep.

Routines are important for babies and young children because it establishes a pattern, a pattern they recognize and signals that it's time for bed. We have gone through dozens of different bedtime routines over the years and each stage will require different rituals, at each age there are different sleep needs.

We use as much uninterrupted connection before bed so this fills her attachment tank (a way for her to bridge the separation while being apart at night). Now with her being almost 4, she likes to help with the bedtime stuff, like choosing which essential oil she wants based on how she is feeling. Kids at her age attach through wanting to help and sameness with their caregivers. Every time she shows interest in helping makes me know that she is securely attached to either myself or her dad and that can definitely help with bedtime separation. What matters to me right now: self-prioritizing & quality family time.

What is your favourite nook in your home?

Fave Matter product:


Sugar Scrub

It smells so good but also it allows me to spend just a few more minutes on myself to go a little deeper in that self-care/self-prioritizing intentionality that I like to infuse on a daily basis.


Lip & Cheek Balm

Right now we are loving the lip and cheek balm for Nora. She is at an age where she wants to do all the things herself and she knows to reach for it when her lips and cheeks need a little extra attention. It makes her feel empowered in a small way knowing that she can do it herself whenever she feels like she needs it.