IWD #EmbracingEquity


For this year’s International Women’s Day, the focus is on #EmbracingEquity. So we asked the next generation in our lives what does this look like – or not look like, to them.

We will be donating 10% of our sales today to Sistering; a multi-service agency for at risk socially isolated women and trans people in Toronto who are homeless or precariously housed.


Sydney Williams | Age 27

From your own unique perspective what does equity mean to you?

Equity is having empathy and understanding towards each person's own unique version of life and the goals they are trying to achieve. It means not placing limiting beliefs on what a person is able to do or where they are able to go based on their background, race, gender, or socioeconomic status. 

How do you embrace equity in your life?

By being curious and empathic of where someone is in life and accommodating their unique needs, within my span and capabilities, which could be as simple as offering encouraging words. 

If there was a time in your life where there was equality but not equity, please share.  

The ecosystem of a school is a prime example of everyone being given the same resources and methods of examinations, it's equal but because each individual student has differing outside and internal factors, achieving a certain result may be significantly harder for some.

Lee-Anne Williams | Age 29 & and Monique Williams | Age 30


How do you embrace equity in your life?

By listening and being open to new perspectives. Recognizing that we all come from different backgrounds, and have individual needs as a well as unique things to offer. It’s about giving everyone what they need, with no standard solution.

If there was a time in your life where there was equality but not equity, please share.  

We spoke about how we feel undervalued as bipoc women in certain male dominated industries in particular the healthcare system but possibly this has more to do with in-equality than equity itself? 

In our opinion, there is a history of bias in healthcare towards women and especially women of colour and we both have experienced it firsthand. Our symptoms are downplayed and not taken seriously which usually causes delayed diagnoses.  I had a doctor tell me once that my abnormal cervical bleeding was just menstrual blood.  Things like this cause us to feel undervalued. 

Gwendolyn Munajim | Age 9

What does equity mean to you?

It means everybody gets what they need. Not everybody needs the same things, and it is our responsibility to figure out what those differences are.

 How do you embrace equity?

I try to always look out and see who needs my help, something extra or encouragement. And I try to notice when things aren’t fair

Can you tell me about a time in your life when there was equality, but not equity? Or vice versa?

Last summer, we went to Cirque Du Soleil. Everyone’s seats were the same height, so that was equality. But I was little, so I couldn’t see above the person in front of me. Then I got a booster, which made me level, and I could enjoy the show like everyone else. That was equity, and it was an amazing night!

Ryan Williams | Age 20

From your own unique perspective, what does equity mean to you?

I would say equity means giving attention toward a person's unique experience. Understanding what a person goes through based on their race, gender, and religion, and accommodating for any discrimination that they may face. 

How do you embrace equity in your life?

I embrace equity by being open-minded and not automatically judging someone for what I see on the outside.

Were there times in your life where there was equality but not equity? 

An example of equality is giving the same opportunities to everyone no matter what.  Disabled individuals may need accommodations, for example, and considering these is equity.