#InspireInclusion: IWD 2024

What is #InspiringInclusion For You?

For this year’s International Women’s Day the focus is on #InspiringInclusion. So we asked our community of women owned business who are also our stocklists what does this look like - or not look like, to them? What does "Inspiring Inclusion" mean for you?

Regina Sheung : Labour of Love

#InspireInclusion to me is not just a concept, but a way of life that I have embraced both personally and professionally. It is a continuous practice that shapes my interactions, decisions, and mindset, fostering a sense of belonging and diversity in all aspects of my life. When we feel valued and respected, which can lead to happiness, it helps create a sense of unity. Ultimately, inclusivity helps to create a more positive and supportive atmosphere for everyone involved.

Michelle Treen: Aide Body Care

"An Aide for Every Body" has always been a guiding light for us. It started with making products that could serve everyone, but it's grown into something deeper. It's about creating a place where anyone can walk in and feel respected, seen, and at home. To me #InspireInclusion isn't just about being welcoming on the outside; it's also about an inner journey. It's about recognizing your own needs and understanding that taking care of yourself isn't selfish, it's a necessity. As we celebrate International Women's Day, let's continue building spaces where every woman feels empowered to prioritize self-care and embrace her uniqueness.

Hana James McConville : Alma Care

We can #inspireinclusion by prioritizing women, expanding our perspectives beyond familiar circles, and embracing the diverse viewpoints of all women. At Alma Care, we advocate that education empowers, and cultivating curiosity in all aspects can profoundly #inspireinclusion.

Sonya D'Cunha : Helen & Hildegard

Every time I brew a cup of herbal tea and the aroma hits my senses with the plant’s unique essence, making me feel calm and clear, I’m reminded of the earth’s unconditional generosity to each of us. Regardless of age, beliefs, culture, gender or station, we’re inherently aligned with the goodness and joy of the natural world.  As a practice, I try to offer this same openness to people I meet every day, to hold our conversations with simple joy and kindness and more importantly, to listen carefully with compassion and the understanding that we’re all connected in a deep way- person to person, person to plant, person to planet.  Humbling and empowering both. 

Denise Williams: Matter Company

I often look to nature for inspiration. One of the principle philosophies of herbal medicine and how we approach our products at Matter Company, is about the importance of our interconnectedness to one another and all living things. Diversity is primary for how ecosystems survive.  These elements in the natural world keep everything in balance.  Mono-cultures are not resilient.

Inclusion for me is a practice in my life and work and simply a way of being. How we take care of ourselves, the people we love, our community and our environment are all ways of being balanced and healthy.