We love preparing special holiday feasts for our loved ones, what we don’t love is the waste that comes along with it. To prepare our favourite recipes, we often need to buy entire packets of herbs just to use a stem or two. Never quite sure what to do with the leftovers, this year we devised a solution to avoid wasting those lovely, aromatic greens. This year we’re going to be adventurous with our festive touches!

Savoury Garnishes
Our turkey platter will look delectable lined with sage and thyme, a dusting of finely chopped green herbs (rosemary, chevril and chives) will liven up the mashed potato, and a spray of lavender with the spice cookies is truly decadent. Sage gives an unexpected twist to the apple tart, fresh peppermint chiffonade decorates a bowl of fresh red berries, a classic trifle or any dessert your heart, health (and family) desires.

If you are feeling adventurous, try making a Meringue, Chocolate, and Sugared Chestnut Cake (pictured above) garnished with fresh Thyme.

Tabletop Decor
We won’t forget our centrepieces either! Mixed in with the flowers will be a flourish of rosemary; lemon sage and thai basil will be twined with our cedar table runner for a heady scent. Carefully scattered cranberries and mini squash will add pops of colour to your tablescape.

This holiday season, we won’t let a single sprig go to waste!

Photo by Skye McAlpine from Food52.