Founders Thoughts on: Winter & Self Love



As Valentine’s Day comes around, I find myself thinking less of chocolate hearts 💝 and romantic dinners, and more about self-love. Taking care of oneself in ways that nourish and sustain me through the dark winter months and beyond.



I’m no Marie Condo expert, but I do know that sometimes we can become oppressed by the things around us. We have too much stuff that is not serving us anymore. I am working on releasing the superficial attachments to anything that does not have a purpose for me, either functional or aesthetic, and letting it go.
Tip: Hire a professional organizer. Sometimes it can be daunting and overwhelming to declutter on ones own. Claire Ward from Fresh Start Homes really made the process of clearing so much easier. 


Hand & Face Wash:

Speaking of decluttering ; this gentle multipurpose 2 in 1 wash is no fuss and smells amazing. It also looks good on the bathroom sink. 



I’ve been diving into poetry lately. It’s been an incredibly moving and important piece for me to help organize my thoughts and emotions that are sometimes hard to tap into otherwise. Yoga Nidra is also an imperative piece to this, helping to relax both the body and mind.  



Wild Geese by Mary Oliver is a poem I find helps comfort me through the darkest days of winter.

Here are 9 other recommended poems to help you through a tough winter 




Manifesting isn’t magic. It’s about focusing your thoughts and therefore your actions on your goals. The universe won’t drop anything in your lap, but you can start envisioning the things you need to do to achieve them yourself. There are many different ways to do this - mantras, meditation, but my favourite is Vision Boarding. A visual representation which I see everyday is a really great reminder of where I want to be!


Tip: Do a workshop on vision boarding. Life Unlimited with life coach Lisa Kelly is both fun and a great way to begin your vision board journey. 



Mineral Soak:

Some of us don’t have time for meditation or simply aren’t into it. Baths are a great way to take a timeout for quiet contemplation. Scents of bergamot and elemi in our mineral soak will help lift you to higher grounds.




We all know that moving our bodies makes such a huge difference to our mental health, along with our physical health. In the winter I embrace xx skiing. It’s great exercise, and also allows moments of stillness and connecting back to nature.


All Heal Salve:

A favourite multipurpose balm. I use this as a barrier when skiing for cold, wind and chapping.

These are a few of the things I’ve been doing so far this year, and I hope there is a nugget of inspiration among them for you to mine!