Our Blue Corn Cleanser was one of the first products in our skin care line up… back in the day!  No longer in circulation, we thought we’d share this oldie but goody with you!  This mild daily cleanser is wonderful for those with sensitive skin.  It massages away dry dead skin, drawing out impurities, helping to prevent blemishes.  At the same time, it provides a nourishing meal for your face & promotes the balance of your skin’s natural oils.  We hope you enjoy!

xo denise

Blue Corn Scrub:

French white clay                             16 oz

Blue corn                                           4 oz

Oats finely ground                             4 oz

Juniper Berries – ground                    2 oz

Lavender flowers – ground                 1 oz


French white clay detoxifies the skin, blue corn exfoliates, oats are emollient while juniper and lavender offer anti-bacterial properties.  Use as a cleanser or leave on longer for a detoxifying clay mask!

How To:

Mix all ingredients in a glass bowl and store in a sealed container for later use.

How to Use:  Mix 1-2 tsp of grains with water, stir into a paste & gently massage into the skin.  Rinse off with tepid water.  For a deeper cleanse:  Leave grains on longer, then rinse.